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makeover series


Learn how to re-vamp a shop that isn't making many sales, or start fresh with a new shop knowing all the best practices and tips for creating and listing designs that sell.

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Wondering what you'll learn in this series?  Here is a sneak peek into the first lesson so you know what to expect!

this series is for you if:

  • You haven't started a shop yet.
  • Your shop has never had sales.
  • Your shop has only had a few sales.
  • Your shop gets regular sales, but you know you could make more money with a better strategy.

steal my recipe!

In the series, I go through the recipe I used to build a shop that continues to pay me a full-time income every single month, whether I work on it or not!

True, it takes some work...

No one said that building a passive income stream was easy BUT it is certainly worth the work!

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