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I'm an artist and designer who loves creating artwork for products like greeting cards, fabric, and wallpaper.  I license my art to companies who sell my designs around the world, and I love helping other creatives find their style and sell their work through licensing and print-on-demand.

In The Studio, I share all my processes and road maps for creative success with other artists and designers.

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My art is featured on greeting cards, fabric collections, and a whole host of other products sold around the world online and in person.  I love showing other creatives how to design art that sells, and how to stay on top of trends without sacrificing your style!

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Designing patterns for fabric is one of my dreams-come-true!  I love creating patterns on my iPad, so I developed a streamlined process to create professional patterns on my iPad.  I share my whole process for getting from idea to finished collections in The Studio!

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When you become a member of The Studio you are taking a seat beside me so you can see my processes, learn how I sell my work, and make progress on your journey to developing your own creative style!

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Giving Back


Every month, The Studio supports artisans in developing countries around the world through a loan for supplies and equipment that helps them grow their businesses.

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Have a question about The Studio or my work?  Send me a message.  I'd love to hear from you!