Procreate Foundations

A Free Mini-Course

Everything you need to know to work confidently in Procreate, the #1 app for iPad art and design projects.  All in a free mini-course -- yes free!

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What You'll Learn

  • What are the basics of how the app works?
  • What are the best file sizes and document setups to use?  
  • How do you use layers and the basic tools?
  • How do you import and use custom brushes and textures?
  • How do you export and share your work?

Meet Your Instructor

Artist | Designer | Author | Creative Maximalist

“I’ve helped over 250,000 artists and designers bust through creative blocks and go deeper in their creative practice process through my extensive library of classes, brushes, textures, and creative business resources.”

Liz Kohler Brown

Who is this class for?

  • Creative people who have an iPad, but aren't sure how to use Procreate yet.
  • Procreate users who feel like they've "missed something" because drawing in the app is a constant struggle.
  • People who have an iPad, don't feel creative, and believe they can't draw -- Let me prove your wrong!

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Need to See Things on Paper?

I created a workbook to go along with this class with notes about all the hard-to-remember stuff.  You can print it out, or have it up in split screen on your iPad when you need it.

Want to see the lesson content in detail?

  • What can Procreate do?
  • How do you navigate around the app?
  • How do you save and organize artwork?
  • What document size and color space should use use?
  • How do you use brushes, erasers, and blenders?
  • How do you import new brushes?
  • How do use use reference images?
  • How do you sketch using layers?
  • How do you add color?
  • How do you select specific areas?
  • How do you use masks to add texture and color layering?
  • How do you create color versions?
  • How do you export, share, & backup artwork?
  • What are time lapses?
  • What do you do after learning the basics?

the project

In the mini-course, we'll walk through every step of creating this illustration from inspiration and sketch to texture and color versions!

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