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Everything you need to know to work confidently in Procreate, the best app for iPad art and design projects.

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What You'll Learn

  • What are the basics of how the app works?
  • What are the best file sizes and document setups to use?  
  • How do you use layers and the basic tools?
  • How do you import and use custom brushes and textures?
  • How do you export and share your work?

Meet Your Instructor

Artist | Designer | Author | Creative Maximalist

“My art is featured on fabric collections, greeting cards, and a whole host of other products sold around the world.  I love teaching other creatives how to use their iPads to make professional artwork that stands out online and in print!”

Liz Kohler Brown

Who is this class for?

  • Creative people who have an iPad, but aren't sure how to use Procreate yet.
  • Procreate users who feel like they've "missed something" because drawing in the app is a constant struggle.
  • People who have an iPad, don't feel creative, and believe they can't draw -- let me prove you wrong!

What Can You Make in Procreate?

You can design artwork for nearly any physical or digital product using Procreate, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • greeting cards that I sell to art licensors and in my own online shop
  • stickers and digital downloads
  • illustrations and patterns for print or digital use
  • hand lettering compositions

Need to See Things on Paper?

I created a workbook to go along with this class with notes about all the hard-to-remember stuff.  You can print it out, or have it up in split screen on your iPad when you need it.

Want to see the lesson content in detail?

  • What can Procreate do?
  • How do you navigate around the app?
  • How do you save and organize artwork?
  • What document size and color space should use use?
  • How do you use brushes, erasers, and blenders?
  • How do you import new brushes?
  • How do use use reference images?
  • How do you sketch using layers?
  • How do you add color?
  • How do you select specific areas?
  • How do you use masks to add texture and color layering?
  • How do you create color versions?
  • How do you export, share, & backup artwork?
  • What are time lapses?
  • What do you do after learning the basics?

The Project


In the mini-course, we'll walk through every step of creating this simple illustration from inspiration and sketch to texture and color versions!

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