7 Steps for Becoming an Online Course Creator

Learn the steps I took to get from barely knowing how to use a camera to making a living from online courses.

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Is Making Passive Income From Online Courses Really Possible? 

If you had asked me three years ago I would have said "I wish!".  Now that I've had over 170,000 students, published 50+ classes and gotten countless opportunities because of them I would say "Why are you not making a course right now?!?!"  Sorry I yelled at you, but seriously, why?

If you're like me 3 years ago, it's probably because you don't know where to start, don't have the technical know-how to work a camera and microphone, or don't feel confident in your teaching.

I created this checklist to show you my tried-and-true steps for becoming a successful course creator so you can stop wondering what the next step should be.

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