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Hello!  I’m Liz Kohler Brown and I’m an online course creator, author, and passive income enthusiast.


I love teaching people how to become successful course creators and build a steady online income and following.


I didn’t always know how to create online courses…

I started out as an ol’ fashioned classroom teacher and was dying to find a way to make more money doing what I loved.  When I first started dabbling in online teaching I barely knew how to use a camera and apparently thought your face had to be two inches from the camera.  Needless to say I had a huge learning curve!


After 3 years of successful online teaching I wanted to share all my secrets with other hopeful course creators!


In 2018, I started out with one follower (probably a scam account) and three years later over 170,000 people have watched my library of 50+ classes

In the early days I was stoked if 5 people watched my classes.  Now I get 300+ students in the first 24 hours of releasing a new class.  I also became a Top Teacher on Skillshare, a designation for the top 1% of teachers.




I created a class to show you every single step of my process so I can show you every step of the process from filming your first tutorial to making your first $1000.


Teaching online helped me get found by a publisher who helped me write my first book!


Passive income isn’t the only reason to teach online.  It also gives you exposure to a huge audience of people, which inevitably leads to interesting opportunities and jobs.  Writing a book was on my bucket list, but I never dreamed that a publisher would find me through my classes and want to work with me!


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I offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions to anyone who has completed my Course Creator's Masterclass.  Complete the course to work with me to create passive income from your online courses.

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