The Resource Library


Below you'll find a selection of some of the most popular resources inside The Studio including workbooks, Procreate brushes, and pattern templates.

What's The Studio?

Trending Themes Guidebook


The Class Guide from the Trending Artwork with SEO class contains 90+ trending themes, the elements of a theme outline, and artwork formulas that you can use to create art with SEO.

Pattern Layouts & Brushes


When you watch the Historical Pattern Styles class you’ll get my set of 10 historical pattern layouts and learn how to create your own pattern layout brush library that you can have on hand anytime you are building a new pattern.  The lass also includes 7 pattern making brushes from smooth to super rough!

Gouache Procreate Brushes


This set of 24 gouache brushes from the Gouache Techniques class includes a wide variety of gouache textures, various levels of transparency, and some hue shifter brushes that change their hue and brightness depending on how hard you press down your Apple Pencil.

Pattern Layouts Workbook


The Class Guide from the Pattern Layouts class contains 36 pattern layouts, 7 examples of patterns made using layouts, and tips for making use of layouts in your patterns.

Pattern Styles Guide


This guide from the Beyond Basic Patterns class details pattern themes, styles, and layouts that you can use as inspiration as you build repeat patterns.  Pick these up in the Beyond Basic Patterns class in The Studio.

Realistic Watercolors


With this set of 20 realistic watercolor brushes, erasers, color blenders, and papers from the Realistic Watercolors class you can create gorgeously varied watercolor paintings in Procreate.

Tile Brushes


This set of detailed tile brushes lets you quickly lay down a tile sketch so you can fill it with the colors that match your style.  Pick these up in the class on Flatlay Illustrations.

Texture Brushes


This set of gritty texture brushes made from real-life textures is great for adding some depth and variation to your artwork.  Pick these up in my class on Illustrating with Layered Textures in Procreate.

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All of these resources are included in The Studio, my online membership for creatives.

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Inking & Stippling Brushes


This set of inking and stippling brushes is perfect for creating fine linework and a stippling effect that is super quick and easy.  Follow along with my class on Ink Illustrations to see how I like to use them in my work.

70s Lettering Textures, Stamps, and Workbook


Create a 70s style lettering composition with these decorative stamps, textures, and step-by-step lettering style workbook.

Plant Illustration Brushes, Color Palettes, and Workbook


Create playful plant-filled illustrations with these brushes and step-by-step leaf shape tutorials.

Ready to Use These Brushes?

All of these resources are included in The Studio, my online membership for creatives.

What's The Studio?

Acrylic Color Changing Brushes for Procreate


These acrylic Procreate brushes give your digital paintings an authentic acrylic feel with color changes, canvas textures, and brush strokes built into the brush.  Pick these up and see how I like to use them in my Acrylic Landscapes class.

Drawing in Perspective



Learn how to draw in 1, 2, and 3-point perspective using this workbook from my class on Drawing in Perspective.

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Art Nouveau Textures and Templates


Use these Art Nouveau style brushes, textures and layout templates to give a fluid feel to your vintage inspired illustrations.


Script Workbook


Learn how to improve your script with my step-by-step script workbook and see my whole process for creating beautiful hand lettered script in Procreate.

Folk Art Illustration Resources


These textures, fonts, and stamps can help you add a handmade feel to your modern folk illustrations.


Gold and Glitter Textures and Brushes


Incorporate metallics into your digital work in Procreate with these gold and glitter textures and brushes.

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All of these resources are included in The Studio, my online membership for creatives.

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Print-On-Demand for Repeat Patterns


Learn how to create, fill, and market print-on-demand shops with your repeat patterns using this workbook detailing image sizes, popular themes and tags, and a monthly pattern challenge.


Lettering and Illustration Workbook


Learn how to combine hand lettering and illustration using this class and workbook that take you through every step of the lettering process from discovering styles to creating decorated letters.

Collection Planner and Mockups


Learn how to design a pattern collection, create mockups, and produce color versions using the downloads and resources in Design a Pattern Collection on Your iPad.