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Pattern Design 101


in Affinity Designer


Learn all the basics you need to get started with building patterns in Affinity Designer so you can start making patterns faster using all the time-saving tools that are available in the app.

The Previews

This is why Affinity Designer is such a game changer -- you can see a live preview of your patterns as you work.  So there is no extra step of exporting, moving squares, or wondering why there is a random pixel line in your pattern.

When you watch the class I'll show you how to make previews in a variety of formats and give you 12 of my favorite layouts to get you started!

The Patterns

In Affinity Designer you can create anything from simple geometric patterns to complex illustrated patterns.  In this class we'll focus on starting simple though so you can get to know all the tools and processes before diving into complex patterns.

the projects

In the class, we'll create a few simple patterns together so you can practice all the shortcuts, tips, and tools that will help you make professional patterns quickly and without errors.

Creating Palettes


We'll start by gathering inspiration for shapes and color, and look at how to create saved color palettes so you have easy access to your favorite colors.

Affinity Version 2

In the class I'll be working in Affinity Version 2 so if you learned pattern design in Version 1, this class will help you get up to date on the newest time-saving tools available in the app.

We also go over the differences between Version 1 and 2 though, so if you're working in Version 1 you can still follow along with the class easily!

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