Pattern Collection Design 


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Learn how to design a pattern collection from the ground up and push past sticking points that stop you from finishing a collection!

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Preview the Series


Wondering what you'll learn in this series?  Here is a sneak peek into the first lesson so you know what to expect!

this series is for you if:

  • You know how to design patterns.

  •  You want to design collections.

  • You've tried building a few collections.

  • You keep getting stuck at some point in the process or feel like you're collections are "missing the mark".

  • You don't know when your collections should be called "finished".

The Goals


  • I want to help you LOVE making collections, not fear or dread the process.
  • I want you to see how it's actually easier and more enjoyable than making one-off designs.
  • I want you to have a roadmap for the collection building process that you can follow until you develop your own!

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